Seamless round-up investing for cryptocurrency
has arrived.

What is Centsy?

Round up to the nearest dollar on every transaction, and use the rounded amount to invest in your very own spare change crypto portfolio.
Easily invest in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin image
Invest your spare change into a custom portfolio made up of a single cryptocurrency, or multiple, the choice is yours!
grow cryptocurrency investments through dollar-cost averaging
Grow your investments over time with convenience and flexibility. Monitor your portfolio over time and invest with confidence.

How to Get Started

Get started with Centsy investing in cryptocurrencyGet started with Centsy investing in cryptocurrency
Centsy round-up cryptocurrency investing app

Why Are We Here?

Investing shouldn't require bravery. Cryptocurrency should not be intimidating or difficult to invest in. Centsy has made it as easy as possible to start investing in cryptocurrency through secure micro-investing. Small increments over time to add to your portfolio.

Education & Blogs

Our mission is to demystify crypto, and provide a seamless, headache-free investment experience. Simply put, it shouldn't require bravery to invest in an asset like crypto, nor should it be cumbersome to access investment tools. In our app, we provide educational resources and original blog posts to help introduce our members to the exciting universe of cryptocurrency.
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Let Centsy do
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Today is the day to start investing in cryptocurrency. Centsy's convenient round-up strategy means easy investing for you.